Found Memories of the TIME ZONE and the Gold Mine. I actually had a birthday party once at the TIME ZONE. It was incredibly orchestrated by my mom who sent out invatations to all the kids a made a whole futuristic video game theme out of the proposed event. Having a party there was chaos. Kids running everywhere, demanding more quarters. I just wanted to play Red Baron. It ignited was became a long-lived fascination with flight simulators.

The coolest games were at the Gold Mine. My favorite of all time was Crossbow. Crossbow actually HAD a crossbow you could shoot. Various creatures and medevil folks would wander across the screen and it was up to you to make sure your “freinds” made it. It quickly became more interesting to target your “friends” simply because of the reaction. There was this one tall, bald dude who looked like the freaky lead singer from Judas Priest who, when shot, would scream at you “aaaaaaghhhh – don’t shoot your friends”….

One of my other arcade all time favorites was discovered while playing pool at Mr. C’s billards. I think Jaime and I discovered NARC. NARC was the 1990 version of Grand Theft Auto – you had to rid San Fransico from swarms of druggies and other undesirables. You ran along, picked up any weapon, jumped in cars and did pretty much anything to everthing along the way – body parts were flying.
We wasted may a quarter on that game…