And now, a special public service announcement from Mis Amigos Locos:

Please note that some content on this site is now considered ‘private’… That is, certain posts are only visible to the official Amigos (when logged in). As we start getting more traffic on the site, it’s become obvious that certain posts and categories need to be censored from public viewing. If you have any questions on this, just ask Eduardo or Jaime. If you are a contributor to this site, make sure you log in before doing anything here – even reading old posts – because certain things won’t even show up if you don’t. A lot of older entries will be invisible if you aren’t logged in.

To the rest of you, this is why it may occasionally appear that certain posts are missing here. We’ve got them in the system, it’s just that they’re not 100% suitable for public consumption for various reasons. We hope you understand. Pretty much all content from here on out will be public, so this mainly applies to older posts.