eduardo_monkeyduck.gifA year after first seing the world through the eyes of a gorilla suit, Jaimenacho and I decided to do it again. Only this time, we wanted to take it up a notch.
Jaime knew of a costume rental place near his apartment that had much better rates than the Humor Shop, so we went over to investigate. They not only had better rates, but a pretty fantastic selection as well.
Building on what we had learned from the first outing, we ended up renting two costumes this time: a scary-looking ape suit, and an unbelievebly stupid-looking duck outfit.

We decided that we’d simply “suit up” and head downtown that evening with a video camera, figuring that we’d probably wind up with some funny footage one way or another. We got Pepe to accompany us, and he manned the camera while Jaime and I cavorted around like idiots.

Later in the evening as things started to wind down, we created a freakish monkey-duck hybrid by putting the ape head on top of Jaime’s duck suit. All in all it was incredibly retarded, but pretty funny as well.

In the right environment, the magic that a monkey and a duck can create together is truly a beautiful beautiful thing.

Click here to watch the video.
(Requires Realplayer and secret password)