We live in a pretty small house, and recently decided to rent a storage locker to help free up some space around here. Late last week, my wife called to reserve a pickup truck from the local U-HAUL place that I needed for my Saturday morning storage run. She did it online, and gave them my email address and phone number for the reservation.

Saturday morning came, and I was ready to do some hauling. The U-HAUL place is only about a fifteen minute walk from our house, so I strolled over there and went into the office. I told the guy my name, and that I was there to pick up the truck that my wife had reserved.

“You’re here for the pickup?” he asked, sounding surprised.

“Yes, there should be a reservation.” I replied. I told him my last name again. He looked confused as he slowly pulled out what was apparently my reservation printout.

“But you canceled the order this morning.”

“Canceled? What do you mean?”

“Your wife called this morning and said you didn’t need the truck.”

“What? Are you sure?”

“Yeah, I talked to her this morning.”

I texted my wife, and asked her if she had canceled the order or talked to the guy. She hadn’t, of course, and asked what was going on. Now I was thoroughly confused. There had to have been some mistake, and judging by the people running the U-HAUL place it wasn’t difficult to imagine them mixing up our reservation with someone else’s.

“Okay, my wife didn’t cancel the order. Who exactly did you talk to on the phone this morning?”

“Her name was Maria. She called and left a voicemail last night when we were closed, saying that you didn’t need the truck. Then, she called again this morning around 7:00. That’s when I talked to her, and she wanted to make sure that the order was canceled.”

“Okay, well, my wife’s name isn’t Maria. It sounds like the reservations got mixed up or something.”

“That’s what’s weird. She gave me YOUR order number, YOUR phone number, and YOUR email address. That’s why I assumed it was your wife!”

He pointed at my info on the reservation form, noting that whoever “Maria” was gave him the exact same info that my wife had provided. It was seriously bizarre.
We couldn’t figure out how it could have happened, other than maybe U-HAUL somehow sent her the same email confirmation I got. Even that didn’t make much sense, though.

“Oh well, we still have the truck here, so I’ll un-cancel your reservation.
That’s really strange, though. I talked to her myself.”

“Do you have her phone number? Maybe I’ll call her and find out what happened.”

“No, she had a private number. I couldn’t see what it was.
You got the truck, so I guess that’s all that matters, huh?”

“Yeah, I guess so.”

Anyway, I left there with a pickup and the gnawing feeling that this incident will likely remain unexplained.