I managed to get through my childhood without a real “nemasis”. But there were a few run-ins that occured, but they were minor at best.

Catholic School Bliss

There were no bullies at my Catholic school. I would assume that is because if you were a bad kid you were smacked down by a nun or the principal. So from K – 5th grade all the kids pretty much got along. There were minor skirmishes here and there, but nothing major, and certainly nothing that I was ever involved in.

Public School “fight”

When I moved onto to public school for 6th grade, I had my first and really only “fighting” experience. I guess there are no holds barred in the public realm. Actually I wouldn’t say it was the schools fault at all… it was ours.

Anyways… I have no idea why I decided to fight this kid name Dave W.

I actually got along fine with Dave, he wasn’t a pain in the a*s or anything, in fact, looking back I don’t remember at all why we decided to throw down. But how we started to fight was odd.

One day after school I was over at his house. We were just hanging out or something, but we were in his room and for some reason that I can’t recall, our blood starting boiling a bit.

And the next thing we knew, we were tackling one another, throwing punches, and rolling around on the ground, and other random mayhem. It was so weird, we just kept pummelling each other, but it was almost out of fun, and not really because we were super mad, but we were serious in trying to hurt each other.

It was funny too… at one point his mom knocked on the door.

“What are you two doing in there? Is everything ok?”

We stopped, the battle paused…

“Ummm… nothing Mom.” Dave replied.

“Ohh… ok.”

And soon after, the battle resumed. It continued on for another few minutes until we both were tired. And then it just stopped… it was so strange. Nobody had any blood, or bruises, but I think one of our shirts was torn up a bit. We kinda just sat there for a few awkward moments, and then I left.

The next day at school it was like nothing ever happened…

Teased in the 9th grade

My first few days at the mighty Nova were not really a good precurser to my experiences there. In general, I had a GREAT time at Nova, but the first few days weren’t so great.

For some reason these 2 kids in my 6th period PE class decided I was going to be the kid they picked on. They were bigger than me, and I knew NOBODY in the class, so I felt pretty helpless. It went on for a week or so, and I just sat back and took the verbal abuse they threw my way. Eventually, it got to the point where I dreaded going to PE class. They never physically did anything, they were just complete a$$holes who constantly teased me. So finally after a couple of weeks of this, I told my parents I wanted OUT of my 6th period PE class. Luckily, it was not a problem. I was moved to 2nd period PE, and my English class was moved from 2nd to 6th. Problem solved… I never had a problem again, and funny… even when I ran into these crappy kids in the hall they never messed with me again.

So all in all… my childhood was pretty much fighting and bully free!