Just saw Coldplay a couple of weeks ago – it was the the first real outing for the wife and me in over a year. Totally amazing show, but a rough night. I was thinking it would be good, but lackluster – totally wrong. First of all, I was dead sick – got a wicked cold from god knows where, but I had to suck it up and go since we, especially my wife was exceptionally excited to see them, so I started drinking lots of crown royal several hours prior to show to clear the chest and ease the pain. My mate decided to start pounding the drink as well, which required me to sober up to drive – granted we thought this would be a cake commute since it was only about four miles from our house at a new ampitheatre. we got there early, with no interest in seeing the opening band. So, we found the beer stand- they had their “best value” called a “big bomber” – 24 ouncer, we indulged, well, I slowed down, but my wife, with her sudden spurt of freedom from the kids enjoyed the premium priced budweiser. The show started- it was a great show, but the alcohol took its toll. Needless to say my wife required ample dancing room which cleared out our neighbors – did’nt think you could dance to Coldplay, eh, apparently you can thanks to the big bomber…. but then it paid off. She got the courage to crash the front rows and off we went. The security guards, were just plain stupid or exceptionally green. We got into a great front row area to watch almost half the show. The guards just kind of glared at us, but did nothing. Was not expecting it, but one of the top three shows I have ever seen. however, it took us two hours to get home (four miles) – 12,000 people, one lane to exit the parking lot. Should have walked.