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They don't look homeless to me.

They don’t look homeless to me.

  Can somebody please explain why this is broadcast to everyone on the side of their RV?  Looking for handouts and pity perhaps?  
I get mad!

I get mad!

I have no clue why this popped into my head this morning.  I was in the office making coffee, and I wasn’t even MAD.  But this old little short from Sesame Street crept into my subconscious.  Thanks to the wonderful technology of Google and YouTube I was able to relive this very old childhood memory....


I saw this while walking my dog yesterday and it reminded me of Pepe and Eduardo. Have you guys been by this box recently?
Gluten FREE!!!

Gluten FREE!!!

OK, this gluten free thing has gone far enough. Now, I completely understand the need for a gluten free diet for those people that have Celiac Disease or a gluten allergy, (heck I can sympathize, I have a food allergy myself) but when I saw that there was “gluten free” shampoo in my bathroom this...

Do you still think I’m pretty?

I was watching football yesterday with my younger brother and we saw this ad quite a few times.  Each and every time we wanted to jam that surface tablet down the person’s throat who was responsible for this.    
Speed Fishing and Aerial Hunting

Speed Fishing and Aerial Hunting

We interrupt this string of bad 90’s songs with a very strange dream post. I had a very odd, detailed, and long dream early this morning.  I am going to try to spit out as much as I can remember to the blog, here goes… My dream starts out, and I am at a resort...
Seal - "Kiss From a Rose" (1995)

Seal – “Kiss From a Rose” (1995)

Here is yet another song that I didn’t hate at first, but learned to hate because of the constant rotation this song got on the radio. “Kiss From a Rose” might be the most overplayed song I can remember, that also happen to come from a pretty crappy movie.  (Batman Forever) During the summer of...
Chumbawamba - "Tubthumping" (1997)

Chumbawamba – “Tubthumping” (1997)

When I saw Eduardo’s new topic about bad 90’s songs, this was the first song that came to mind.  Granted, I can’t say I ever really hated this song, it to me was just one of those really annoying “summer songs” that is played over… and over… and over… and over… and over… again. Upon...

Unwanted Backpacking Guests

This last weekend I got my final backpack trip of the year in.  A couple of friends joined me on a trip to a basin of 2 lakes in the Trinity Alps.  The area is a fairly popular place, so we didn’t expect to be by ourselves, but we knew the area was large, and...

What are you going to do about tainted meat?!

This last weekend my wife and I made our annual trip to Bend Oregon.  We try to go every year to the Bend Brewfest.  It’s always a great time, Bend is a very nice town and the weather this time of year is perfect.  My brother and his fiance always go too, and this year...

Seeing Red over Red

I’ll preface this by saying I work for a pretty cool company. However, a lot of people here go bonkers over using email.  In general, I am pro email, it can be an easy and quick way to communicate with co-workers.  It is also useful for making blanket announcements to the entire firm and/or branch....

Beard No Beard – Update

Had another Beard no Beard sighting yesterday.  This one was a bit different than normal though.  The wife and I were heading to Costco to spend half of our paycheck, when I saw a scuffy looking gentleman waiting to cross the street at the intersection of Dana and Friendly.  As I approached the light, I looked...