Back in the Early 80’s, I believe 1980 to be exact, I was a young first grader attending a nice wholesome Catholic School.

I was raised Catholic, and all of my brothers and cousins attended the Catholic School up on the hill here in town.

My 2 oldest cousins, my older brother and I all lived in the neighborhood. In fact, I had an aunt that lived on street over from ours, and an uncle that lived on the street we did. I guess we just kinda liked the “Wood” or something.

Anyways, my uncle just happened to be the 8th grade teacher at our school, and somehow he got volunteered to take my 2 cousins and my brother and I to school every day. Obviously it made sense since he worked there, but I sure hope he got some sort of compensation for his troubles. How would you like to drive to work every day with 4 kids ranging in age of 6-10? Not to mention, that we were all squeezed into to some circa 1974 Datsun Sedan.

The heater never worked in that car, it always smelled, it was dirty, and there were 4 kids constantly yelling at each other… my uncle was usually pretty tolerant, but when things got out of hand, he would always let us know when he didn’t like it. He had a way of making us shut up pretty quickly.

One of the memories that really sticks out in my mind was when my cousin Brian acquired a Mattel LED football video game.

You REALLY had to use your imagination to believe that this was anything remotely like football. If I remember right, you had to manuever your “player” (actually a green horizontal LED light) across the screen while avoiding other “players” on your way to the end zone.

Well, of course things were different then, we didn’t have EA Sports Madden 2005, we had LED Football. And to us kids, it was great.

There were always huge LED football battles going on in the back seat of the grimey Datsun. One cousin screaming at the other while his LED light moved across the gridiron. It’s funny looking back at it now, a couple of kids yelling at a tiny LED screen. But there was certainly a lot of fun to be had in those early primitive video games.