Lately I’ve found myself on occasion reading through the blog and reminiscing about the old times, and I’ve decided that I want to start posting again.  Hopefully some other amigos will join me.

So, I’ll start of with a recent sighting I had of our favorite Redding Street Guy, Mr. Beard No Beard.  A couple of weeks ago I was grocery shopping at FoodMaxx.  FoodMaxx is basically Food4Less but to the MAXX.  It’s got prices that are comparable to WinCo, but it’s usually easier to navigate and with much less riff raff.  So you get the competitive prices, but usually not the fat greasy woman yelling at and smacking CJ upside the head in the cereal aisle.

Anyways, I was making my way through the produce section which is the first area you encounter while entering the store, I was sifting through the tomatoes looking for good ones to toss in my bag, and I noticed someone carrying something right next to me, I glanced over and there was Beard No Beard strolling right by me!  He was wearing his jacket, pants, and a long tattered beard.  (I have always thought it was odd how homeless people often dress like this even in the 100+ degree Redding heat) He also had a determined look on his face, and a couple of large Dole Banana boxes that he was carrying on his right shoulder.

I was stunned, this is the closest I have ever been to Beard No Beard. Unfortunately in my amazement, I didn’t react quick enough to say “Hello” or ask him any poignant questions.

I wonder if FoodMaxx gives him free reign to help himself to the boxes or if he just helps himself?  I am thinking it’s the later…