I finally found him with my camera in tow. I was driving down Market St. in Redding, when I noticed his bike parked by the rescue mission. I knew it was his bike by the box of bananas on the back. I figured he was inside feasting on a free lunch, and knew what I had to do.

Stake him out.

I parked across the street, fixed the baby a bottle, bought the 3-year old a juice, and myself a powerade, and sat to watching the bike. 30 minutes passed and before I knew it the man, the myth, the beard emerged from the building.

I’ll say this much for the guy, he’s a d**n fast bike rider. Forget Lance Armstrong, I want Beard, No Beard in next year’s Tour De France wearing the yellow jersey. I stopped a few times, and tried to get a shot of him riding past, finally I got the shot here, while it sort of resembles the Patterson bigfoot footage, it’s the best I could do in capturing such an elusive man.