On Saturday afternoon I made a quick run to the local crackhead infested Safeway to grab something I needed for lunch. 

After shopping, I jumped in the car and started to pull out of the parking lot.  As I got closer to Pine Street I spotted our favorite local street person Beard No Beard riding his bike along the sidewalk near Lulu’s. 

“Dang!” I thought, “This would be a great opportunity to get a photo!”  So I drove to the part of the lot that borders Pine, and got my phone ready to snap a photo.  Beard No Beard was in fine form, the beard is even more legendary, bigger, longer, and out of control, I really wonder if something is living inside it now.  And he had 4 large Dole banana boxes stacked neatly and secured to the back of his bicycle.

But alas, Beard No Beard made an unexpected left turn, and made his way into the Lulu’s parking lot, and up the ramp towards the creepy Motel Redding.  I should have followed, but my wife was home waiting for me to return with lunch, and I didn’t want to drive all the way up Pine, then turn around and hope he was still riding in the same direction.

It’s good to know he is still around, but I’m still bummed (pun intended) that I didn’t get a photo.