On Friday night my younger brother relayed a VERY interesting story about our favorite local bearded bike rider.

My little brother does a ton of driving for his job, and just this last Friday he was out in Palo Cedro for the day. Sometime in the mid afternoon, he stopped into a convenience store to grab a snack. He bought a small packet of crackers, and parked his car on the side of the road to take a break to have a his snack.

As he is eating, he looks forward and sees Beard No Beard riding down the road towards him. I guess this is a common occurrence, according to my brother, he sees him riding his bike in Palo Cedro all the time.

A couple of minutes later, Beard No Beard rides up to the truck door and stops while motioning to my brother to roll his window down. A bit stunned, he rolls his window down, and the man, the myth, the legend speaks…

“Excuse me sir? Would you happen to have a couple of dollars that I could have to go buy a hot dog?”

Apparently, Beard No Beard has a bit of a high voice, but it is also very articulate and polite.

My brother a bit stunned, said he was sorry that he had no cash on him, but he offered Beard No Beard the rest of his crackers.

Beard No Beard thanked him, accepted the handful of remaining crackers, stuffed one in his Beard covered mouth, and rode away.