Had another Beard no Beard sighting yesterday.  This one was a bit different than normal though. 

The wife and I were heading to Costco to spend half of our paycheck, when I saw a scuffy looking gentleman waiting to cross the street at the intersection of Dana and Friendly.  As I approached the light, I looked closer and noticed this man was the legengary Beard No Beard.  I wish I wasn’t driving because I would have snapped a photo.  But at least I got to explain who this mythical man was to my wife.

A couple of observations,

1)  He was without his bike.  We have seen this phenomenon before, but it’s not common.  In fact, I spotted him on his bike about 2 weeks ago and everything looked fine.

2) He was carrying a small plastic bag which looked like it was from Wal-Mart, and it appeared to have a 2 liter bottle of soda in it.  I wonder if Beard No Beard likes Dr. Pepper imposters and he had a Dr. Wally in his bag?