A week or so ago, I was home by myself getting a few errands done while the wife and kid were away for the night. I had invited a friend over to watch a game, and was putting dishes away. I glanced out the window to see if my friend had arrived, (he was going to be over any minute) and noticed a bunch of small things flying around the front of my driveway. Curious, I went to the front door and stepped outside and saw BEES.



It was freaky and fascinating at the time.  Here were all these bees swarming in front of my house, an eerie humming and buzzing sound coming from them.

I just stood at my front porch and watched while quite a few neighbors in cars, or on foot walked by and stared at the odd occurrence.

Eventually my friend showed up, and we went inside to watch the game. When I glanced back outside 30 mins of so later they appeared to be gone.

But Ilater noticed that they are not gone. The bees have in fact set up shop inside that tree you see in the photo. It’s weird, I was a little concerned at first, but now that they’ve been there for a few days I barely even notice they are there, except for one or two of them buzzing to and from the tree from time to time.

So welcome bee neighbors, feel free to swarm, sting, and attack any tweakers that happen to walk by.