Ok, this dream was from a few weeks ago.  Not only was it extremely odd, but it was also quite long and detailed.

I had arrived in New York City somehow and was by myself.  I was making my way down a street, and quickly found out that I was in a very shady neighborhood.  It was dark, and there were bad folks all over the place.  Eventually I made my way to a street corner where there were odd ball people all over, and one business that was lit and looked like a real establishment.  It was an internet cafe, and for some reason at that point, I needed to go in and find my hotel.  (for some strange reason, it was then that I found out that I had a hotel in NYC)  So, I made my way through the riff raff, pimps, drug deals, and other weirdos and walked up to the front door.  Right before I got to the front, I noticed something very large laying in the curb.  I almost stepped on it, and looked down and noticed a large dead and bloody dairy cow.

“$&#*@!” I screamed as I barely missed it.  I gagged slightly, turned away, and made my way into the cafe.

Once I got in, I made my way to a computer, and after a while I was able to find my hotel.  It took longer than I thought, because the computer wouldn’t work right.  (things like this always happen when I am trying to find something in my dreams…) But I knew if I could access my email, I could find the name and address of my hotel.  Finally I was able to get it, I thanked the clerk, paid him, and made my way out of the cafe.

It was then that I noticed my dog walk in.  (He’s a black lab in case you haven’t met him…)  He was very happy to see me, but he also had a lot of blood all over his coat.

Crap I thought, he was messing with the dead cow!

I took me a second to realize that he was OK, but eventually I decided he was fine, so I made my way out to the street to get to the hotel.

At this point I also left my dog behind… why???  I don’t know… it’s a dream.  I would never had done this in real life.

I didn’t take me long to find a bus, it was one of those huge double decker tourist buses.  This one though had no roof, so people could sit on the top and get a great view of the city.  I got on board, and asked the driver if he could take me to my hotel.  He said he could, and told me to hop aboard.

So I made my way to the top of the bus, road along, and watched the city pass by.  We were heading to the water, and eventually got to an area where there were numerous docks and casinos.

Yes… in my dream New York, there are casinos.

The bus driver stopped at one of the casinos, and said over the load speaker that my hotel was near this stop too.

So I made my way off the bus, and looked around.  My hotel was nowhere to be found.  I kept looking for a few minutes, and then finally made my way into one of the casinos to find someone to ask as to the whereabouts of my hotel.  I made my way in, wandered around and looked at the casino floor, it wasn’t all that big, was pretty well spread out.  After a little wandering I eventually tracked a male employee down and asked him where to go.

He told me he knew where my hotel was, and to follow him.  I walked behind him towards the back of the casino, and he guided me to a door, opened it, and escorted me in.

“I’ll be back in a second and tell you where to go, wait in here please.”

“Ok” I said.

He shut the door behind me, and locked it.  And I immediately got a sense of panic.  What the hell was I doing in here?  Where did this guy go?  Why did he lock me in here?  I quickly glanced around, found a back door, and made my way over to it.  I checked the knob, and it wasn’t locked.  Weird I thought, why would he lock me in here, but not lock the back door?  I didn’t think about it long, and quickly vacated the premises.  I’d figure out where my place was some other way.

I exited the door, and made my way towards the street.  There were people all over the place, a lot of them seemed to be going to and from work on the docks, or to the casino.  I walked around for a few minutes, and after a little while I found my casino.  I checked in, and then went back outside.

When I got outside, I made my way to a taxi.  This taxi was also like the bus I had road earlier, it had no roof.  It was also quite long, and held at least a dozen people.

Now this part get stretchy in my memory, but I remember getting on the taxi, and eventually the driver drove us down the docks.  After a short moment, he drove into the water.

Then I woke up… it was over.

And this was one for MAL.