Building and collecting several VWs to get the perfect car… I was obsessed… I drove a red bus-pimp-restored & sold for capital, a yellow bus, same fate… I am told that both of these are still up and running even today! I guess my dad & I did a good job fixing them up! No real memories stick out here. Drove them around to work and school and stuff just to check out our handy work… anyway!
This is about the black bug. 1968– I did everything to this car! It was a monster! It was easy 12 seconds in the Qmile… shinny black with so many high speed modifications including 1776 engine (thanks Porsche) I couldn’t possibly include them all here… all the chrome was removed and filled, body was shaped, fenders etc… The tranny was welded 2&3 with a 2500lb clutch, quick shift, dual Webber carbs, windows were tinted as dark as the car and one piece, had a kick a*s stereo if you turned the engine off–the roar of it overpowered the amps! Roll cage, racing seats, two batteries, lowered and modified suspension, disc brakes, 13×4 inch front wheels and 16×8 rear I believe…if it could be vented it was, if it could be polished or aluminum it was, no back seat, all black interior, special heads, engine case mods, rods, cam, the whole enchilada… plus a kick a*s exhaust system. Some kid built one kind of like mine, pink, died when it crashed; I sold it to pay for college. Dad stripped all the high performance stuff and sold it to some HS girly, bummer.