For my Field Trip assignment, I chose a place here in town called Cal Skate Roller Fun Center. I know next to nothing about this place, except that a friend of mine (who’s around our age) mentioned that it was quite the happenin’ spot back when he was a kid. That was in the late 70’s, so it’s safe to say that it’s probably a couple of decades past its prime. Nevertheless, if there is any “Roller Fun” still going on in this area, I am sure that this place is at the very center of it. The signs on the building seem very authoritative, as if to announce “Yes, this is indeed the center of all Roller Fun activity.”
It’s in a semi-sketchy part of town, near an industrial park. As far as I can tell, it’s more or less been forgotten by the general populace here. There were only a few cars in the parking lot there this evening (a Saturday night), which should give you some idea of how popular this place is. I did see several high school age kids pull up in Hondas with giant spoilers, so there’s a chance that either A) they work there, or B) large numbers of them congregate there later in the evening. Either way, 100 watt subwoofers and midriff-baring hoochies don’t exactly help promote Cal Skate’s image as a “Family Fun Center”.

I’m going to attempt to bring my wife there next weekend, so hopefully it isn’t too frightening inside. I’m expecting it to be something similar to Viking Skate Country or Sunrise Rollerland – with a gross snack bar, old video games, and the stale smell of thousands of sweaty feet from years past.

We shall see…