During the first few years of college Pecos and Eduardo were in Sacramento. Paco, and I were in Redding. This led to several trips down to Sacramento each year, to hang out, go record shopping, etc.

One time Paco, Rhonda, and I had gone down to hang out for the weekend. Pepe went to school at UC Davis, and had met us in Sacramento.

Somehow Paco and Eduardo decided to go do something else, leaving Rhonda, Pepe, Pecos, and myself to hang out.

About 9pm we decided to go downtown and wander, get some coffee, whatever. We parked near the capitol building, and begun to walk towards a coffee shop we knew. When we were right next to the side of the capitol, an electric door opened.


“WHOA!” Pecos said.

Whoa was right. It was fairly late at night, and the side door to the capital building had just opened up, allowing us access to our states most important building.

“What should we do?” Someone asked

“Let’s go in.” Pecos said,

That seemed like a good idea, I mean the doors OPENED, we weren’t breaking in or anything.

So we all went in and wandered around the building. I did a nice backspin in the huge entrance area, by the big statue. We wandered upstairs, purchased a soda from a machine, and basically just tried to stay out of site, while exploring. We saw vacuums, and trash carts all over, and concluded that a cleaning crew must be in the building, that’s why it was opened.

To avoid being spotted by the cleaning ladies, we took the elevator to the basement.

The elevator opened, and we found ourselves in the underground parking area. The place where the government officials parked their cars, and things like that.

We didn’t see anyone, so we walked around for a bit. Rhonda saw a bike leaning up against a wall, and started to ride it. We scolded her.

“What are you doing? That’s not YOURS, get off it. We’ll get in trouble!!” Rhonda and Fozzie Bear had similar mentalities.

“YAY, this is fun!!! Wheeeeee!!!” She was riding the bike around this parking garage in little circles. About this time we noticed 2 armed security guards approaching us. We quickly got Fozzie off the bike.


We all sauntered over to the waiting security officer, who was standing there with a very perplexed look on his face. We would have gotten away, had Rhonda not hopped on that bike.


“Uhm, trying to get out.” We said.

HOW did you get in here?” One asked

“We walked by and the door opened.” Pecos said.

“What door?” asked the other guard.

“The sliding door on the side.” Pecos said.

“You know you’re trespassing!” one said.

“The door opened. We didn’t break in.”

The two guards got together and discussed our situation, they realized we were telling the truth, and told us to leave immediately. We walked out the little driveway area, and out, into downtown Sacramento.

We got our coffee, and wanderd around some more, checking out various buildings, and whatnot. When the time came to return to Pecos’ ca to leave, we had to walk right by the same capitol door.

It opened again.


“It’d be so much faster if we just walked through to the other side, we’d be right by my car then…and wouldn’t have to walk ALL the way around the building.” Pecos said.

“Yeah but we just got kicked out dude.” I said.

“This time we won’t mess around and go to the basement, we’ll just walk straight across, and get out.”

We all had to admit it seemed like it was a fairly good idea, and would save about 10 minutes of walking.

We went for it.

We walked across the building to the other sliding door.

Locked. Wouldn’t open.

So we figured, it must only be the one door that opened. We wandered back to the original door, ready to go out, and walk all the way around the building.


This door was locked too.

We were now trapped inside. This left us very few options
1) Sit and wait for someone to let us out.
2) Go BACK to the basement with the already angry guards, and explain to them, we were really stupid and came back in again.

There were a couple pay phone booths just inside the doorway, and we sat inside one, keeping out of site, and trying to figure out our next move. Fozzie began to cry. We finally came to the conclusion, we’d call Eduardo, and have him drive down to the capitol, and trip the door sensor from outside, and release us. Just as we picked the phone up to call the sliding door opened.


“Hey it opened!” Pecos said.

Standing outside the door were about 8 State troopers, hands on weapons.

There were 5 State cars sirens on parked ON the sidewalk, and lawn area of the side door as well.

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to realize this is not good.

“What are you doing in here?” the main officer asked.

“Uhm…trying to get to the other side.” Pecos said.

“You know you’re not supposed to be in here right?”


“Were you the same kids down in the basement earlier?”


“What the hell are you doing BACK in here?”

“The door opened.” Pecos said

“So…are you stupid?” The cop asked obviously very irritated with us.

We all just sat there. Pecos did most of the talking, the rest of us just sat there silent.


Finally the cop decided we weren’t real threats, and let us go. for whatever reason, he thought he should take a couple of cheap shots at me first.

“You get that hiarcut up in Redding?” He asked.
He had seen our ID’s and taken some information before releasing us.

“yeah” I answered

“Did you actually pay for it?”


“HAHA I’d go get my money back!!” He said all his cop buddies laughing with him

“Thanks.” I said, not wanting to start any trouble. We left there, and called it a night shortly after. I don’t think my hair was that messed up back then.
but if it meant me not spending the night in prison, cool, make fun of it.