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03: Street People
Bananas / No Bananas - Beard / No Beard update:

Bananas / No Bananas – Beard / No Beard update:

Speaks for itself. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YtSIzKrOWAY&list=UUsDl6A77CrbkSJLtxQFVDGw   More: https://www.youtube.com/user/jackvalefilms/videos?sort=da&view=0&flow=grid and still more: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCs_eXH7kwuxND7Gec9xB8dQ  

Beard No Beard, the legend grows

On Friday night my younger brother relayed a VERY interesting story about our favorite local bearded bike rider. My little brother does a ton of driving for his job, and just this last Friday he was out in Palo Cedro for the day. Sometime in the mid afternoon, he stopped into a convenience store to...
Technically Not Homeless

Technically Not Homeless

I spotted this unique structure the other day at an intersection downtown where panhandlers usually hang out. Apologies for the terrible photo, I took it from the car while waiting at the stoplight. It’s one of those plastic playhouses for little kids, covered with junk and held together with string. I’m not sure what those...

Beard No Beard – Update

Had another Beard no Beard sighting yesterday.  This one was a bit different than normal though.  The wife and I were heading to Costco to spend half of our paycheck, when I saw a scuffy looking gentleman waiting to cross the street at the intersection of Dana and Friendly.  As I approached the light, I looked...
A Sense of Humor

A Sense of Humor

Somebody down the road from my work put this out on the street on Friday afternoon.  I have to say, it gave me a good chuckle.  Kind of sad though, because it probably will be snagged up by one of the many nearby drug addicts or sex offenders.
Beard No Beard - More Visible

Beard No Beard – More Visible

I had a Beard No Beard sighting on Friday.  It was during my lunch break, and I was out running errands, as I drove across the Cypress Bridge I noticed a familiar fellow riding his bike.  Here is what I saw. Beard No Beard is getting gray, and his hair on the top of his...

Beard No Beard Still Going Strong

On Saturday afternoon I made a quick run to the local crackhead infested Safeway to grab something I needed for lunch.  After shopping, I jumped in the car and started to pull out of the parking lot.  As I got closer to Pine Street I spotted our favorite local street person Beard No Beard riding...
Mr. Outie

Mr. Outie

There’s a certain guy I see around town occasionally, and every time it happens I’m left shaken. He’s quite obese, wears greasy sweatpants, and rides around in a cart with his enormous belly exposed. He’s got an “outie” the size of a grapefruit, and sits in a way that makes it seem like he’s trying...
New Redding Street Person

New Redding Street Person

So, there is a new street person I keep seeing around Redding.  I shouldn’t say he’s new though, because I have been seeing him for months.  But I spotted him again the other day, and figured he needed to be documented here. Much like “Beard No Beard” this guy is almost always seen riding a...

Forgotten European Hustler – Prague Train Station Lady

I was entertaining myself today reading some old MAL posts, and noticed that Jaime and I both failed to mention one of the funnier street people we have ever run into, the crazy lady at the Prague train station. This was back during our European Odyssey in the summer of 1998. We were rolling into...
Hot Blooded, Check it and See

Hot Blooded, Check it and See

This afternoon, my lovely wife Juanita and I took our baby son Pancho out for a walk downtown. It was a nice fall day, and we eventually wandered into Old Town where a number of cool shops are. We stopped and went into a music store there that I’d been meaning to check out for...

Beard No Beard – A Close Encounter

Lately I’ve found myself on occasion reading through the blog and reminiscing about the old times, and I’ve decided that I want to start posting again.  Hopefully some other amigos will join me. So, I’ll start of with a recent sighting I had of our favorite Redding Street Guy, Mr. Beard No Beard.  A couple of weeks ago...