Jamienacho and I were shooting the breeze last night at his place, and we decided it was time for another CD Project.

Last time just Jaime and I participated… and it was still pretty cool. This time it would be nice if some more amigos would join the fun too. If not, oh well… here we go.

This time we are going to have a theme, and the theme is PLACES. The song title must have a place in it. And it has to be a real place, a proper place. For example…

“In The Garage” by Weezer, would not count. A garage is indeed a place, but not a proper one.


“Haiti” by Arcade Fire, would count.

This may sound a bit restrictive, but you would be surprised how many songs have places in the title. There are no other restrictions… so go!

Oh, and Eduardo, if you participate in this one, we’ll forgive you for not sending us a CD last time.