I’m sorry to report that my CD won’t be ready for this weekend, as I had previously planned. I’ve been extremely busy with other stuff all week, and haven’t had time to finish mixing everything down to something that’ll fit onto one CD. I’ve got enough to fill two discs, but am going to abide by the rules and cut out what I can to make it fit onto one.
This has proven to be one of the most challenging topics we’ve had. I never would have thought it would be so difficult to try and capture the best music of the 90’s for a single CD compilation. Jaimenacho was right; there’s far more good music from the 90’s than I initially remembered (even if 80% of it was from the UK).
It’s a shame that most Americans don’t know that while Trent Reznor screamed and Eddie Vedder gargled with gravel, they were still making good music over in England. Sure, there were definitely a decent number of good American bands that just said no to flannel and did their own thing, but by and large I think that most of what the Amigos Locos listened to during the 90’s hailed from the good olde British Empire.

In making this disc, I’ve felt like I’m packing a very small suitcase, trying to decide which items are important enough to include. I’ve done a lot of putting something in, then taking it out, then replacing it with something better. This project has forced me to delve into my CD collection and old MP3 discs like never before, and I must say that it’s been as fun as it’s been time consuming.

So, I’m sorry that I won’t be delivering my CD this weekend. I only need another few hours to work on it, but unfortunately free time is a commodity that I am in short supply of these days. We’re hitting the road tomorrow morning for New Year’s (and won’t be back until Sunday), so it’s not like I can just wrap it up over the weekend.

To make matters worse, I’ll be out of town (for work) half of next week – so my goal is to get these mailed out before I leave. You guys should have your copies by next Friday, and I promise that it’ll be worth the wait.