After getting no real schooling done for the next two years that followed Sonoma, I went to Chico. And soon found out that I should have went to Chico from the get go.

Chico has a lot of things going for it. Small town but very cool town. A young student population that just happens to include a large amount of women. Most of whom are qutie pleasant to look at. A lot of fun stuff to do after class, that mostly includes drinking and partying. And to some people’s dismay, a very quality education.

So in the fall of 1996 I started my 2nd go at Junior year, some 2 years after the first attempt. The bummer was, Chico, not unlike all colleges REALLY wants you to stick around there for awhile. This means not letting a lot of classes transfer. This kinda pissed me off. For one, they made me take 3 GE classes at Chico. Now, I had all my GE done, and then some. But that didn’t matter to Chico. I had to take them. And they had to be of a “common theme”. Which I will discuss in a sec… and they also made you take a culturally diverse ge class. But I think that is par for the course at any state college. So I basically learned that I had at least 1 more semester to take than I thought I needed to. Which pissed me off like I said at first, but actually wasn’t too bad in the long run.

I choose a theme that happened to have a course that you could take called “International Affairs”. I did this because Internation Affairs would knock out two birds with one stone, it counted towards your GE and theme, but it also counted towards my Political Science major. It was a cool class. It was were I first saw the classic movie, Dr. Strangelove.

I had two other themed courses. One was “Biomedical Ethics”. Sounds complicated, but it was actually just a lot of class dicussion about euthenasia, legality of drugs, and abortion. It was pretty interesting. The weird thing about the class was our teacher. When “she” walked in I thought she was a guy. She had really short curly hair like Greg Brady, and walked into class almost always with a black leather coat and jeans on. Dispite her different appearance, she was a pretty good teacher. And I enjoyed the class.

My second themed class was by far the most random class I ever took in college. It was called “World Food and Fiber Systems“. It was an ag class that had a handfull of people in there, not unlike myself, who were NOT ag majors are were talking the class because it was in our “theme”. I remember we had a very nice teacher, but the classes was wholely uninteresting to me. It was so borning to me, that since it was my first class in the morning, it started to become a class that I frequently missed.

I remember towards the end of the class I had to write a paper focusing on one county’s “Food and Fiber Systems”. I remember I choose the Dominican Republic, and basically wrote a half assed paper the night before it was due about cigar production. I turned it in thinking I would be lucky to get a B. A few days later I got it back, 49 out of 50. I remember it had all sorts of positive comments on it. After thinking it over, I think the professor was so used to reading papers from AG students who probably don’t write a lot, she was probably impressed by my paper. Being a Political Science major that was all I did was write. So my paper that to me seemed average at best, I guess compared to all the Ag students papers ended up looking pretty good. I think I still got a C in the class because I only attended probably 2/3 of the classes.

One semester I commuted with my cousin. He is a very cool guy, and if I remember right, he had “finished” his schooling at Menlo College. But came to find out a couple of months after he was done there, that he was actually 2 courses short of his degree in History. So he shared driving with me. It was great. The only problem was, since he had only 2 classes, he always had to find a way to kill 3 hours or so until I was done with my last two classes. Often he didn’ want to go to the library and work on his class work, or he just didn’t have anything to do. So he usually just pestered me to skip my last class. He would purposely track me down when I was coming out of my third class and ask me if I had to go to my last class. He never really pestered me, but he often planted the seed. And there were quite a few times that instead of being in my last class of the day, I would instead be at the Bear or Frankies drinking a beer.

In fact, one day we decided even before our first class we were going to skip the entire day and just drink beer and watch March Madness at various bars around town. The only problem with that was, there isn’t much open in Chico on a normal week day except the Towne Lounge. Now the Towne Lounge is Chico’s Pro Drinkers Bar. They probably open at 6 AM for all of Chico Alcoholics. We walked in there at about 10 AM hoping to be able to watch the game. As we walked in we noticed that all the alcoholics were either staring at us, or the Oprah Show that was on the only tv. Needless to say we didn’t stick around, or even try to ask someone to change the channel to a basketball game. We stated to think that we were stupid skipping our first classes to watch the early games. There was no place to watch it. We finally found a place, the bowling alley. There we drank a pitcher or beer and watched Cal play Princeton. At about 1, we went to Players and drank more beer and watched the games until about 4 and then came home.

Last memory… I was a total poor college kid at Chico. It was during RT days, and I was only part time there since I had to devote a lot of other time to school. So when I first started at Chico I found out that parking is at a premium. Most of the places near the school are metered, not available to park at, or were places where you needed a placard to park there. So after illegally parking the first day, and getting lucky that I didn’t get ticketed, I decided to look into a placard. Well… after seeing the $90 price tag, I figured I would find a way to park for free.

And I did, you could park a couple of blocks away from the High School for free. And Chico High is adjacent to the University. So I only had about a 10 minute walk to my classrooms. Not bad. Better than buying a pass, that didn’t even guarantee you a spot. (there were so few spots that were available to tag holders… and I wondered if they didn’t give out more tags than there were parking spaces)

This was all fine and dandy until one morning. It was raining SUPER hard the whole drive down. Once I parked my white truck in my usual spot I rummaged around the cab for my bag and my umbrella. Unfortunetly, my umbrella was NOWHERE to be found.

So… I sucked up all of my pride, and began the 10 minute walk to my class. When I walked in it looked like I had taken a shower in all my clothes and with my backpack to boot. I think by my final class of the day I was dry.

Well, to this day I am proud to say that I am a Chico St. Alum.