I had an odd dream this weekend. 

Jaime and I head to the Westwood Village shopping center.  We park behind Holiday (old school style, and it’s still Holiday in my dream not Sav-More) and then go into the store.  Only, the store is way smaller.  They squeezed that store down to the size of a 7/11.  We wander around, and there is still a decent amount of groceries jammed into the smaller space, deli, produce, etc…

While we are there, the employees are having some sort of meeting.  Strange that the store is still open and we are inside while they are doing it.  So Jaime and I kind of head to the corner of the store.  We look over to the left of us, and a young trashy looking female employee lights up a cigarette in store and proceeds to smoke it without anyone caring.  Then we look forward and another young trashy female employee proceeds to pull her shirt up and flash her chest at us!  Jaime turns to me with a puzzled look on his face, and we then proceed to leave the employee meeting.

We start walking down the row of stores towards Rite Aid, and see that dang near all of them are empty.  There are a couple that look like offices, and then one that is big and selling only hot tubs (there actually used to be a hot tub store in the shopping center years ago).  Once we reach Rite Aid we enter that store, and find the store to be deserted.  There are rows where shelves are empty, and the whole store is just barren and creepy looking.

After wandering around Rite Aid for a few minutes, we exit and make our way towards the next row of stores, and find that they are gone.  There is just rubble and building shells where the row of shops used to be.  Flags line the row stating something to the effect of “The new and exciting Westwood Village!” I remember talking to Jaime about how depressing and weird this all seemed, it felt like we were in some “end of the world” type movie or something.  And then I woke up.