This story was from a night that is one of the most memorable nights ever. It was slightly mischievous… but actually, a little lying was really the worst thing that happened.

Here goes… Guillermo was putting in the hard work that he usually did at Shasta Dam. I always thought his job was not real because Guillermo said he didn’t really do anything there except take photos. Now why did you quit this cushy government job again Guillermo???

I think this occurred in the summer of 1994??? But, I am not sure… why do I have such a problem remembering what year things occurred in the nineties? Help me out if I am off on the year please.

One night when Pecos, Jaime, Guillermo and I were hanging out, probably skating at “Escorial” or something. Guillermo made mention of the fact that he could probably get us all into the dam some night.

“Cool! Can we skate in there?”

“Probably, I don’t see why not.” Guillermo said.

So, we made a plan. A few nights later, we were going to go skate inside the dam.

Guillermo said all that he needed to do was clear it with the security guards. The made up story was going to be, “I have some friends coming through town tonight… I would love to give them a tour of the dam.”

Guillermo talked to the guards the next day, and the story worked! Everybody loves Guillermo!

So, we got ready for our momentous trip inside the Shasta Dam. We packed up our rollerbades and skateboards and headed out to the Dam around 10 PM. Guillermo went to visit the guards, told them we had arrived, and got the keys and whatever else we needed for our “exclusive” tour.

It was so cool. It started out with riding the elevator down to the LOOOONG hallway that anyone who has been in the dam knows about. The hallway must be 50 yards long, and SUPER smooth. So went spent a considerable amount of time skating up and down that hallway.

Then Guillermo made a suggestion,

“Hey let’s go in here?” as he pointed to this smaller door at the end of the hallway.

“Does that go INTO the dam?

“Yes it does!” Guillermo replied.

“No WAY!!!”

There was a touch of nervousness and excitement at the same time. We were going INSIDE the dam, were very few men have gone before!

It was so cool. It was really dark, really narrow, and a little wet. It was actually a tad bit claustrophobic being inside there. However, it was a place that very few people can say they have been in, let alone SKATED in.

After a few minutes in the dam, we left and continued the tour. The tour then consisted of us skating around the top of the giant turbines, and it concluded with us riding an elevator WAY down about 7 floors to the bottom of the dam where the base of the turbines are located. We grabbed some needed earplugs and skated to where we could see the base of the turbine spinning. Very impressive!

After a few hours in there, we left in awe. It was too cool. I guess later Guillermo said that we set off dozens of alarms on our tour, but of course, they were disregarded, since the guards knew it was us.

Is this post 9/11 world I HIGHLY doubt we could get a tour of the dam like this ever again.

This was more of a memorable experience, rather than a mischievous event. Nevertheless, I felt it was worth mentioning.