I could go on forever on the worst songs of the 90s…and sadly, probably 1/4 of them I probably actually liked for a brief period of time, or tricked myself into thinking I liked.…and I could most likely be caught singing to several of them in my car.   It is only after maturity sets in one realizes how truly horrible that time frame was for music.   This first song is absolute s**t.  Yes, I probably had the cassette single…and if it came on at my 45 year class reunion, I’d probably dance to it in a sweaty old frenzy….but it’s a horrible song, and I argue that anyone in their rational mind musically would turn it OFF the radio if it came on today, and be like,  “Nope.   F**k that song.”

It did have Bootsy Collins in the video, and his outlandish human gay cop disco ball  outfit, at least in some aspects warrants a small nod of approval…but the song is stupid, and he probably wishes he could slice his throat for having been a part of it.  Oh HEY they are bringing the 70s back!  Why? The real 70s were hip enough that if we wanted to HEAR more of that sound, we’d just listen to some Peaches and Herb and call it a day.

Why didn’t Dee-lite last longer than one song…because they SUCK A*S, that’s why.

Argument in favor of Deee-Lite?

These guys are breaking new ground because Q-Tip is in this song, and HE provides a hip newness to the overall experience.  Argument against.  Q-tip is only good in Tribe Called Quest, and he was so ashamed of being in this video only his head is in it…and everything Q-tip does outside of Tribe Called Quest is s**t.

Well it has two ethnic hipsters (Before hipster were cool!) as well to make it look new and modern and provide slightly 90s beats to the 70s vibe…   Both of those guys look like bad Johnny Depp characters and probably work at an independent coffee store in Portland now, doing that stupid dance over and over and over while they stock the shelves with holiday blend, and tell people about that ONE thing in their life they did that was KIND of a big deal.

“Remember Dee-Lite? I was IN that band.”

“F**k you…make my mocha.”

PLUS hot chick in spandex.  Has to work!

That part is true.


Groove is in the heart?  Is IT REALLY?  I’ve had a lot of feelings in my heart….groove, probably NOT one of them.

The name of the band- “Deee-Lite” is stupid.  Why 3 e’s? Why not 4 or 5…did someone make the conscious judgment to make sure it was ONLY 3 e’s?  How long do we hold the “eeeee” sound when we pronounce it? I personally hold it for 3 seconds.    Try to watch that video now, I dare you not to get angry.   Show it to your children, watch them get angry.   Play that song in the car, see if your passengers don’t throw up…if they sing along..stop the car, let them out…they are bad friends.

Let’s recap.  F**k this song HARD.