I have a few moments that stick out from Eduardo’s days at MSFT…

1) Eduardo was out of town somewhere… I believe he was back in CA visiting family or something. Anyways, I was asked to take care of the cat that Eduardo was taking care off… this smoke grey Persian named Romeo. I don’t even like cats, and I managed to actually think this cat was pretty cool. He had a cool personality. Excpet for the hairballs and constant meowing that keep us up one night… well anyways. I got Eduardo’s keys, and he took off for a few days.

Well… turns out that I guess Eduardo mentioned to certain co-worker (large annoying female… what was her name? Danielle?) that she could take care of Romeo too. Well… I was minding my own business taking stock orders out in Issaquah, and all of sudden this girl comes to our door and starts knocking on it. Now, at our work, you couldn’t even come in unless you had this little remote that you clicked at the doorway. So she is sitting out there staring at all of us through the window. I didn’t really recognize her at first… but when one of my co-workers finally opened the door, I noticed that she was the annoying lady that works at microsoft.

So she approaches me and asks me for Eduardo’s key to his apartment. Now I am thinking, what the heck would I do that? Why should I give this girl that I don’t even know his key??? Well… and that is basically what I told her.

Needless to say, she was a bit pissed… probably because she drove all the way to Issaquah, and came back empty handed.

Turns out it was just poor communication from Eduardo.

2) I was invited once out to Microsoft for lunch. I remember thinking why would I want to go a cafeteria for lunch? Well… Eduardo was right, the Microsoft cafeteria (at least the one we went to… there is probably quite a few of them) was VERY impressive… any drink you wanted for free. And NUMEROUS choices of food. Pretty cool. That is a pretty amazing company.

3) And lastly… finally one afternoon while I was working in Bellvue, Eduardo and I decided that we should go to dixies to meet the “man”. Well… it was some mighty fine BBQ, and Gene was nice enough to present me my toothpick of “man”. A half an later back at work, my throat still burned.