Well, the green S10 has been retired. I have moved up to a Jeep Wrangler.

I have been trying to think of some good stories from the green truck, but I haven’t been able to think of many. This is the only one of interest that comes to mind…

Back in 2002 when the truck was still pretty new to me, I was invited to this party up in Trinity Alp by my friend Yeti. Yeti was raving about how beautiful it was up at this cabin, and how the party was really fun. Yeti also mentioned that Jaime and Pecos could join me up there if they wanted.

So… I discussed it with my amigos. I wanted to go, but it was looking dicey for us. My 10 year high school reunion was that weekend, plus, Jaime and Pecos had already made plans to go to the coast for camping that weekend too.

After a bit of debate, we decided that we would head up for at least one night for this party, Friday night. It would work perfectly, I could head back for my reunion on Saturday afternoon, and Jaime and Pecos could cruise over to the coast for their camping trip on Saturday morning.

Cool, so come Friday afternoon, we decided to head over to the Trinities for the party. I was in the green truck, Jaime and Pecos followed in Jaime’s RAV.

The drive was loooooong. 2 1/2 hours, and much further than we thought. The total distance from home to the cabin was only about 85 miles, but little did we know that about 1/2 of the drive is on dirt roads. No bother… we just kept cruising assuming we were going the right way.

Eventually we reached a locked gate, a good sign. We knew we were heading the right way, because we had been told about the gate, and given the combo a few days earlier by the Yeti.

Ahead of me in the road just in front of the gate was a guy with a tye dye bandana (what a nut I was thinking…) who was messing around with the gate.

So I got out of the truck and approached him…

Paco – “How’s it going? Are you heading up to the party?”

Tye Dye – “Yeah, but I have a flat tire.”

Paco – “Do you need some help putting on the spare?”

Tye Dye – “Well… the tire that is flat is the spare. This is my second flat.”

(About this time Pecos walks up…)

Paco – “Well… I can give you a ride up there if you’d like.”

Tye Dye – “That would be great!”

So Pecos helped Tye Dye move his car down to the small campground near the gate, while I cleaned up space for Tye Dye to sit in my truck. (a common thing, the truck was constantly full of stuff/crap)

Tye Dye and Pecos returned, Tye Dye hopping in with his camping stuff, and away we went to the cabin.

On the way up I talked to Tye Dye, turned out we went to the same high school, he worked in the same industry as me, etc… etc… we hit it off.

Once we made it to the cabin, the four of us had a BLAST.

And Tye Dye and I are still friends to this day. (ahhhhhhhhhhhh…. how touching!)

Side Note : On two more occasions Tye Dye has ran into me during times of car trouble…

Once a couple of years later when Pecos, Guillermo, and myself when were heading to the cabin again. Pecos was having overheating problems with his Pathfinder.

Second time this summer when The Gambler and I were returning from a backpacking trip and broke down on I5.


Anyone else have any memories to share of the uninteresting S10?