Those of us who have been long time residents of Redding have seen the old Asian Market on Market Street. I even went inside the place once with my little brother; he had spoken very highly of the various types of “ramen” that you could get there. There wasn’t much to it, a lot of ramen, and a tiny little store that sold various Asian foods and a few other random goods.

A year or so ago the Asian Market left the location and moved down the street to a “better” location and their old location just sat vacant.

That is until now… that is until The Experience moved in.

I remember driving down the street one day seeing this big neon sign that was out front of the old Asian Market with the words “THE EXPERIENCE” on it. There is also a little neon arrow that points towards the little building. It looks so out of place… this big neon sign pointing to a little shack of a building on the crappy stretch of road that is Market Street / Highway 273. I was looking at it thinking… what the heck is The Experience?!

Well, after looking closer at it over the next couple of weeks, I noticed that it says the “Shasta Experience” on the front door. And then one day I noticed an article in the paper that said this place was a new restaurant.

Hmmmm… an odd location and set up for a restaurant. It has peaked my interest, so soon I am off to get “Experienced” at The Shasta Experience.