Party town USA. Whenever I told people in Seattle that I went to college at Chico State, they always answered with “party town”! Well… you can certainly still have fun at Chico. But you can get a very good education too if you go to class. Anyways… had to mention some of my favs in this cool little town.

Favorite Bar – Madison Bear Garden (aka “The Bear) – This might be my favorite bar EVER. Come on… who can beat “Bingo Bango Bongo” on Thursday nights? Or the “Undy 500” where drunk people ride trikes around the bar in their underwear? Well… Jaime and I had a humdinger there one night. For some reason Jaime came down to Chico one day when I had class. It was a Thursday… my Friday back then. And we decided we were going to hit the Chico night life… we went to Woodstocks for some pizza and pitcher of Sierra Nevada. Then wandered across the street to the Bear. It was something like 6:00, and the place was kinda empty. So we waltz up to the bar, (It was Bingo Bango Bondo night) so were got a pitcher of “Dark Wheat” from Sierra for a whopping $3. Once we hit the second pitcher, the chants kicked it from our booth… “Dark Wheat! Dark Wheat!!!” Who knows why? Probably just because we were intoxicated. I remember standing up after the 2nd Dark Wheat pitcher, and being amazed how crowded the place was. We managed to fumble around the place for a bit later… I think we were stupid, got ANOTHER beer, and walked out with the glasses in hand.

The place used to have CLASSIC restrooms. All these old nude photos from the 70’s, crazy writing on the walls, a toliet you wouldn’t sit on with someone else’s a*s, and misleading front doors. The womens had “women” written on it with a arrow pointing to the men’s room. And the men’s door… vice versa. So just about every time you were in the men’s room relieving yourself, you could see a girl open the door, and turn red as she sees a bunch of guys pissing into a big urinal.

But Alas… a few years ago the Bear renovated the bathrooms. I think the health department made them. And the funny doors are gone too… what a shame.

Favorite Lunch – Burger’s at the Bear.

Favorite Dinner – Red Tavern – Probably one of the classiest places north of Sacramento.