There are many fine establishement in the Greater Portland area where one can take a break, have a few drinks and relax. The following two are my favorite:

The Skyline Saloon: Located on top of the far north end of Portland’s West Hills (Tualitan Mountains) on Skyline road. This is a very simple, plain, no frills pub. No hard alcholol, no real food (sometimes they had chilidogs). One pool table and a couple of video poker machines. What’s important is not what is inside but what is outside – they have a large, tapered outside area with tables and chairs made of tree trunks. It is the best place to go on a summer evening and have a draft MAC while watching the sun set. It was especially a great stop at hte end of the day for mountain bikers since it is adjacent to Forest Park – which features many miles of awesome mountain biking terrain within Portland’s City Limits. Drink of choice – Portland Brewing’s Mactarnihan’s or Blackwatch.

The Red Shed Many participants have experience the Red Shed at McMennimim’s Edgefield in Troutdale. This once garbage incenarator for the once poor farm and old folks home provides a quite, cozy relaxing spot to have a drink on a cold, rainy day. Drink of choice – a fine port, bring a pipe or cigar as well.