Totally random show – must have been 1998 or so. My sister came up from Eugene and I had bought tickets to go see the annual winter/christmas rock show that gets packaged by the local alternative rock station every year. The year before they had The Cure and I missed that so I decided check it out this year. They had Filter, the Foo Fighters and Bush. It was in the Memorial Coliseum, the older, previous home of the trail blazers that held a smaller crowd than the Rose Garden. We got there and moved right up to the front of the stage before most of the teens got there – they were all there to lust after Gavin Rothsdale – or, Roths whatever… Gwen’s less successful, retired mate. Filter started to take the stage, this guy, who I think use to be with NIN came out looking all bad a*s with a totally evil grin on his face – never forget the guitarist who for the whole show stared at the front row and looked like he was going to kill all of us. Anyway, as they took the stage, I just thought, these guys are going to suck – them and there “way go my airplane, I feel like a newborn” song. As Dude took the stage he jumps in the air and screams “BLLAAAUAGHGGG”! as four giant pyrotechic flames launched straight into the air with a massive shock wave that literlly knocked everybody including myself on our a*s. I thought…. that was totally cool and managed to make it through their set and numerous other explosions. Then the Foo Fighters – second time I saw them and they were just pure rockin action. Then Bush. They had a great set, but less intense than the prior two acts and the women when freaking crazy. “GAVIN! GAVIN! GAVIN AAAAAAHHHH!” I had enough and had to leave. I had to go to the docter several days later because my hearing had not returned to normal. Doc said “hmmm, loud concert? Well, expect your hearing will be back by the end of the week, just don’t do this very often….” Luckily full hearing was restored within seven days.