One of the funniest acts of lighthearted mischief I can remember from recent years was the time Jaimenacho and I attended a Def Leppard concert dressed as mullet-headed Leppard fans. We made mullet wigs from stuff we found at a loal thrift store, and bought a bunch of stoner-like clothing that we changed into. We looked like total white trash.

The whole entire point of the evening had actually been to film footage for a “documentary” of sorts. The plan was that we, as undercover fans, would do what we could to capture the Leppard concert experience through the eyes of the average Trans-Am driving, Marlboro shirt-wearing Def Leppard enthusiast.
We had Jaime’s new video camera and plenty of extra gear, and were ready to go. We weren’t totally sure whether or not we’d be able to smuggle the camera inside, but we were sure going to give it a shot.

As we neared the entrance of the CAL EXPO outdoor stage, it became obvious that the camera thing was not going to happen. We filmed a little bit of stuff outside, but then put it back in the car before going in. We were disappointed, but still determined to have a good time.
Within a few minutes of entering the concert area, we found ourselves in a sea of several hundred sweaty state fair attendees. Everyone was stoked for Leppard on this warm summer evening, and the whole place went wild when the band took the stage. In no time at all, nearly everybody in the crowd was enthusiastically pumping their fists to timeless tunes like “Rock of Ages”, “Photograph”, “Armageddon It”, “Foolin'”, and other radio favorites. Everyone was totally into it, including us.
In fact, Jaime and I were so into it that we started popping and doing some freestyle top rocking. Jaime busted a pretty fresh King Tut, and I did the centipede. Jaime attempted his famous backspin right there on the grass, and at that point we noticed that a small crowd of perplexed Leppard fans had surrounded us. Nobody seemed mad; they were just wondering why two white trash mulletheads were breakdancing at a Def Leppard concert.
From above, it probably looked like that scene in Beat Street where all the people in the club formed a circle around the ensuing breakin’ battle… only with us, we weren’t battling – we were collaborating. Nevertheless, people were laughing and clapping. We were surrounded, and these Leppard fans desired a performance.
We didn’t exactly have all the breakin’ moves down that we would have liked to, so we had to improvise. We continued with some freestyle synchronized popping for a bit, with a little electric boogie mixed in. Then, Jaime started running around and picking up discarded beer cups. He quickly arranged a bunch of them in a triangular pattern, and nobody had any idea what he was doing. He walked about 20 feet away, turned around, and ran as fast as he could toward the cups. The crowd gasped as Jaime, mullet flapping in the wind, suddenly rolled himself into a ball – and knocked over the cups exactly as a bowling ball would. Everybody went crazy with laughter and applause, and I just about wet myself laughing. These words you are reading can’t do that moment justice; it was absolutely brilliant.
We walked away from the crowd, and the circle quickly dissipated. A couple of people gave us money, and some lady came up and gave us her business card. It was totally surreal.

Anyway, after the show was over we decided to grab the camera from the car and interview people as they left the show. We did just that, and it ended up being quite funny. For some reason, maybe because we we had a camera and were interviewing people, a lot of them thought we were the morning show guys from 98 Rock.
We ended up talking to some of the weirdest, most depressingly messed-up people in northern California that night, and we’ve got the video to prove it. We asked them all sorts of questions about the show, and messed with them a little bit. We even asked a couple of people questions in reference to Rick Allen, Def Leppard’s one-armed drummer.

“So you liked the show… But what did you think of those people near the stage calling the drummer ‘Stumpy’?”

DUDE, I didn’t hear that… That’s hella messed up!”

“Yeah, I think they were escorted out.”

“Good, ‘cuz I woulda kicked some a*s if I’da heard that.”

Someday we may edit the footage and put it online to watch, but for now you can check out some stills from it here.

That was definitely one of the funniest evenings I can remember.