This afternoon I had to make a quick run to get a couple of things, the closest place to me is K-Mart. Not my favorite place to go, but I have noticed that it is Wal-Mart without the crowds, so it’s usually a fairly painless place to run in, get what you need, and then run out.

I ran in, grabbed my one item, and walked to the check out. There was 1 long line there. I looked around, and noticed that there was 1 checkout line. And that line had some grumpy people waiting there.

Well… I stood there, and stood there, barely moving forward in the line. One guy in front of me, walked over to another line where an employee was standing at the register doing nothing. When he came back, he said she “couldn’t open her lane yet”. Ok…

After standing there for about 5 minutes, a lady shouted out “I can take people with 5 items or less in the Jewelry Section!”. Ok… I have my 1 item, so I figured this would be the place to go, one lady got in line in front of me, and the guy who had been in line in front of me came and got in line behind me.

“Go ahead in front of me…” I said.

“I have a couple of other items…” he replied.

“No problem, you have been waiting here longer than me.”


The Jewelry cashier immediately announced that she wasn’t as fast as her companions at the checkout lines.

“Companion” I said under my breath.

She wasn’t lying here is how the check out went for the person in front of me.

“Ok… you total is $14.54. Would you like to pay with your Sears Credit Card?”


“Would you like to apply for a Sears Credit Card.”

“No.” guy says while handing her a 20 dollar bill.

“Ok, out of a $20… it’s $14.54 out of $20… and that’ll be… ummm… $5.46 for your change… your change is $5.46… have a nice day!”


Not seconds before she was done with the guy in front of me, I heard the “not ready” cashier yell out…

“I can take customers on check out 6!”

“Grrrr!!!” I steamed…

“Now she opens?!?!?!” the guy in front of me grumbles.

Eventually I FINALLY got checked out, and out of K-Mart. What I thought would be a 5 minute visit, turned into a 20 minute journey.

But… it was all worth while when I got out to my Jeep, and took a close look at the car next to me.

It was a beat up late 60’s Buick Skylark. (not unlike Jaime’s first car.) But what made this one stick out, was the great sentence written behind the passenger door.

Awesome! A fitting car for the K-Mart parking lot, and it actually put a smile on my face as I drove away…