In our youth we used to doorbell ditch a lot.

Doorbell ditching was when you went to a house (usually) late at night, rang their doorbell, and ran away as fast as you could. Some people hid to watch the results, most just ran away. To us this was high comedy. I think actually we did it more for the adrenaline rush than anything else.

There was a girl who lived around the corner from me named, Michelle Lasley. She was a little sow. She was mean, and most people took offense to her in some fashion. Her mom was far worse. She would yell at kids, pets, and anything that rubbed her the wrong way. The mom always dressed up as a witch for Halloween. I always wondered if she did it on purpose. I was pretty convinced in my younger days she WAS a real witch. They had this little wire brush looking dog, named Colgate (like the toothpaste). The dog was mean, dirty, and shat itself. There was a point in its life where it lost a limb or two as well. These things combined made doorbell ditching her a high priority. We figured she deserved it.

When we’d go out on an evening of mischief in the manor we always made sure to cap our night off by “Getting a Lazler.” We’d be ready to walk it home, and someone would say.

“Ok, but let’s get a Lazler before we go back.” And we always did.

Some nights we’d “Get a Lazler” more than once, just to be nasty. We’d run off to the sounds of 2 legged Colgate screaming from inside the house.

Paco was there a couple times when we “Got a Lazler”. We weren’t picky. Anyone could enjoy the fun of “Getting a Lazler.” New friends or old.
You didn’t even need to know her to be able to enjoy in the act.

I live in the same neighborhood today. Often times I walk past that house while walking my dog and have to fight the urge to “Get a Lazler” one last time.