One of the conveniences of our new house is being so close to a new, major outdoor ampitheater. We saw coldplay there last summer and was anxious to check out the summer concert season. First up, Nine Inch Nails with supporting act, Bauhaus. Yes, Bauhaus. We determined we had to see this regardless of how weird it might be. Mrs. Fernando, since our last outing, determined she would not revisit the Big Bomber to liven up the evening (I left my debit card at home just in case). Bauhaus took the stage. They all looked the same as in 1982 – except for Peter Murphy. He was this scary cross between Count Dracula and Neil Young – fat, balding with big chops. Nine Inch Nails was just intense. Probably the most intense show I have ever seen. People were just freaking out for the next hour and a half. People lit up and started rocking, slamming, climbing and just getting their rock on. I was so dumbfounded, I think I just stood there and took it all in. We were no longer the old, freaky people at this show. Next up, Journey and the Leppard.