Well… in the next few days, I will no longer be living at my little one bedroom apartment, number #92.

It has been a good run, all in all, I have been quite pleased with this apartment complex. I’ve been here for about 2.5 years with very few complaints… so in a way… I am bit leery of leaving. But I have accumulated too much stuff for this little place, and it’s time to finally “move up” to a bigger and nicer place.

A few thoughts and stories about #92.

1) In the grand planning of this complex the planners decided to install numerous speed bumps. Now, I am not against speed bumps, it keeps Tar Heads from flying around the complex, and running people over. But this place went BONKERS for speed bumps, BIG ONES! I think I can lay blame for my shot suspension on the old S10 square on these speed bumps. Basically they built about twice as many as they needed, and built them twice as high as needed as well.

2) Communication was never the managements best asset. They are friendly, and prompt, but poor communicators… case in point.

About 3 months ago I did a load of dishes in the dishwasher, to find that water had over flowed through the over flow valve that sits above the sink. There was water all over the floor, and all over my counter. This next morning, I left a message on the office phone about the problem.

A day later… no response.

So I called again when I knew someone would be there. I got one of the ladies that works there on the phone, she apologized for not getting back to me, and said she’d get it fixed.

Ok great.

Days… and days… go by… no word or sign of a repair.

Finally, after about another week I gave the office another call…

“Hi, this is Paco in #92…”

“Hi Paco.”

“I called a week or so ago about my dishwasher, and it’s still not fixed.”

“Oh, hang on a sec…”

Paco waits patiently…

“Ok… that was fixed about a week ago Paco.”

“It was?!”


“Oh… well… I never got a call about it, or a note on my door, counter, anywhere telling me it was done.”

“Sorry about that, they are supposed to do that.”

“No problem, at least the repair man was prompt!”

3) My place became a hang out of sorts for some of the Amigos. Often a handful of Amigos would come over, and we’d play cards, sit in the vacant lot nearby and watch cars zoom by on the freeway… whatever.

Amazingly, we never pissed off any neighbors. In fact, once I met the guy that lived behind me, and he complimented me on being a nice quite neighbor. WOW! We must have good walls here.

Well, Pecos decided that he would mess with me from time to time by trying to put various items of mine a bowl of water, and set them in the freezer. I caught him trying to freeze my over knobs once. I don’t what his obsession was with this, but he tried it on more than one occasion.

In fact, once he was successful in freezing my toothbrush overnight in a Tupperware bowl.

In the morning, I found my toothbrush, and bowl, cracked due to the freezing. Thanks a lot Pecos!

I got him back once, by throwing his car keys in a not yet flushed toliet…

4) The apartments near me had some interesting people come and go during my tenure…

The one across from me started with a man who bitched and moaned any time he could get my attention about the people of my hometown. I wasn’t very upset when he moved out.

Then I got a guy that looked like he was in either a full blown mid-life crisis, or he was following the advise of that stupid bumper sticker… “The one who dies with the most toys wins!” This guy had a truck, motorcycle, jet ski, parked in various parking spots, and a bunch of other crap that I could see when he opened his windows. He MUST have moved to a bigger place…

I once had someone move in, that might have lived there for 2 weeks. I don’t know if I ever even saw that person.

Next door to me, I had a hermit guy that was never there, and when he was, he was inside, and never said hi or anything. He also had what looked like a small library worth of books, and an incredible bookshelf system set up.

Diagonal from me, is currently a goth couple. They are pretty nice people, the girl is really nice, she always smiles and says hi to me. I am not sure if the guy speaks. Once, I helped him push his broke down 280Z into a parking space, I am not sure if he said a word to me.

Recently I walked by their place, and saw them with slices of potato cooking on the BBQ. Interesting…

Well… that’s about it! Goodbye old #92!