Last week Jaime came by my place to pick up my bro Marco and I to go see a nearby waterfall. Jamie has a new found passion for waterfalls… Why? I don’t know… waterfalls are great for hiking too, photographing, etc… but this is not just a passion, it is borderline obsession for Mr. Nacho.

Anyways… once Jaime arrived, he came in and checked out my new place, and after a little while, we headed out to get on the road.

Jaime had offered to drive, and when we approached the car, I was completely blown away by what I saw.


Filthy is actually a bit of an understatement. Now… I am not a clean freak, and I have been known to let my car, or home to get on the dirty side. But what greeted us in Jaime’s car was a mini landfill.

It took us at least 5 minutes just to clear space for the three of us to sit. Part of that had to do with baby seats, a lot of had to do with the random crap strewn all over. Here are a few of the things we noticed…

Tons of random papers.
Crumbs EVERYWHERE (someone commented about how Jaime’s family would at least have a couple days of food if they were ever stranded.)
Basketball Cards
A Trashy Romance Novel
Dozens of Brocken or Cracked CD Cases
Dozens of CDs

Basically, about 80% of the “items” belong in a trash can. And I wonder when the last time Jaime really cleaned his car. We are probably talking years here folks… not days.

I think when Mr. and Mrs. Nacho take out their trash, they dump it in the RAV4.


This doesn’t quite do it justice, this is during the “cleanup”.

Sorry Jaime… but I couldn’t resist!