Exhibit A: Bristle Bears/Bristle Blocks TV Spot

Exhibit B: Bristle Blocks TV Spot

The Bristle Blocks commercials shown above reveal two very important facts:

  1. With one main exception, these ads are both consistent with Travis’ description of the Bristle Blocks ads.
  2. Even after multiple replays and intense scrutiny, one must concede that the term “dorarobby” is not uttered by anyone in either of them at any time.

Exhibit A contains footage of the Bristle Block Man, a crudely-constructed image of an adult male (ostensibly, the girl’s “daddy”) with various bristled components for features. This was the one element that I remembered the most clearly over the years, and I can now see that my own recollection of the ads was apparently something of a hybrid of the two.

I never had any personal memory of someone saying “dorarobby” in any of these ads, yet Travis has asserted many times over the years that this was indeed part of the dialogue. Now, thanks to modern technology, I believe we can finally put this decades-old issue to rest.

Even if dorarobby was in reality a figment of Travis’s overactive imagination, it’s still a fantastic word and shall forever be part of the Amigos’ lexicon.