I just moved. Again. I will post my farewell to my last place when I’m officially out of it 100%. Part of the move required me to switch my dish network account. I called the 1-800 # and took care of that, only about 15 seconds into my call, I became confused.

was I even talking to a person?

They answered my inquiries like a human…yet, they sounded oddly robotic.

They had the wierd pauses between phrases, and a tingy sort of voice…like the robot in “Fitter, Happier…” on Radiohead’s album, only trying to schedule my cable move.

I wanted to ask, “Am I talking to a PERSON or a ROBOT?” I figured I might be talking to Stephen Hawking, or some dude with no vocal box…or maybe some dude with a vocodor.

All in all it was very bizarre, yet, somehow, entertaining…and I feel saddend by not hearing that voice.