My wife and I recently returned from a very fun trip to the East Coast.  We visited Boston, New York, and Philadelphia.  We saw tons of cool stuff, historical sites, shops, places to eat, etc… but one of the places in particular was AWESOME, and the Locos would have loved it, the Barcade.

Apparently, there are 3 of these, Philadelphia, Jersey City, and the one we visited in Brooklyn.

The idea of Barcade is simple, yet amazing, especially for people like us that grew up in 80’s.

Take a small warehouse, renovate it, but make sure it is dark inside, build a bar, install a bunch of taps with high quality beers on them, gather up a few dozen old video games, charge a quarter to play each, and build a wood shelf between each game to sit you beer on while you play whatever.  Oh, and put a change machine in there too.

This place was super cool.  My wife and I probably blew $5 each on games and we each had a couple of drinks.  Check the link above for the games list.  The only bummer was that the Cheyenne video game wasn’t working.