First job: seeding and watering a several acre field for a federal water district, I was 12. Second job: paperboy, I got around the ‘hood and I was well liked. Third: oldest existing business in our town, jewelry, fine china, crystal and stuff like that, after school in a mall everyday. I loved it there, they loved me! I’d prolly still be there if the old man hadn’t died :( I had the run of the mall and a good income…it paid for all those VWs to be restored! Summer job: every year since I was 12 working with a certified arborist. This was the life! All day in sunny CA doing yard work! Big bucks! Nice tans! Meals on the boss! Montgomery ward, men’s clothes, enough said. then the mother of all jobs!!! I worked for the government as a staff photographer, had top level clearance, I mean very special privileges… keys and cards and access to just about everything… I roller bladed in the heart of a giant dam! I’ve seen stuff I can’t even talk about! Wooohooo!!! This was fun fun fun and I was a civilian! Had to quit to keep up with my college plans… in retrospect a very bad decision!!!
I also worked for two diff photo labs, a one-hour hole and a pro lab… I did an am/pm for a few months to pay school bills, I sold Nissans and Subarus for a year, very well I might add, but it was too much stress!!! I was a security guard all over the city… some great sites! High rise buildings galore! Also accessed some very interesting places… I was a pro photographer for myself, apprenticed from a very young age thru all these jobs, and I have been a professional artist, a painter, this whole time too…then there was the law firm job. A truly great place to work, biggest and best corporate law, I was communications and operations, boils down to paperwork– fax, copy, e-mail, etc.. I had the run of this place too! Everywhere I’ve ever been I get the keys and the love me. I guess it is because I never cross any lines; I’m honest, and so darn cool to everyone. I feel pretty good about all I have done for these firms. I also worked for an art gallery during the last few years overlapping with the law gig… I guess that has been my way, I always had two or three *jobs* at once… now I work for myself making art.