Yesterday after work I had to stop by Winco to pick up a few random items for dinner. The gathering of those items went smoothly. I found a fairly short line and was prepared to get in and out of Winco without incident….until I heard some sounds.

“Huht. Huht. huhuht. yeah.”

My ears are just tuned in for randomness. My head started turning, looking for where this staccato voice was coming from…

“Yeah Yeah…huht huht hhhhuht yeah.”

I was instantly thrown back to the time when Eduardo and I heard the crack head “freestyling” in Golden Gate park.

I finally found the source of the noise…and sat back to watch a running “rap” about the food being unloaded from the cart.

“Huht. Huht…the chicken…the chicken…Huht. Huht. Yeah. The Chicken… The Turkey. The Turkey. Huht Huht yeah yeah the turkey…SALT AND PEPPER! Huht Huht Huht The Turkey. The Chicken. SALT AND PEPPER!! Huht huht YEAH. ”

I had to pay and leave. I wanted to stay and listen more. I saw the guy making the noise…and to his credit I think he had some mental disabilities…but he was very entertaining…and quite poetic as well.