It’s been said that Paul’s Boutique is the Pet Sounds of hip hop, and that sums it up much better than I could. What I can say is that this album was highly (and somewhat regrettably) influential on several of the Amigos and our friends throughout college. I won’t bore you with the stories of all the stupid stuff we did while under the influence of this record, but it usually involved eggs, alcohol, general mischief, or all three.

Paco and I have debated for years over whether or not Check Your Head is a better album, and we’ve more or less concluded that they are equally dope for different reasons. Personally, I think that Paul’s Boutique more perfectly encapsulates the B-Boys’ identity as fun-loving, delinquent idiots – and is just more fun to listen to. It’s their last totally non-serious record, which makes me respect it a little more. After Check Your Head, they often went too far over the line in trying to shed the image that gained them their original popularity.
Having said all that, Paul’s Boutique remains a favorite of mine to this day – and still sounds fresh every time.