Hey Eduardo… I understand where you are coming from. I think most of it has to do with the mood you are in, or how you are feeling. Bad coffee can make you feel worse.

I know if I am in a crappy mood, and I don’t have a good cup or two of quality Joe before work I get “so pissed” when I waltz into the kitchen at work and have to pour myself a nice cup of dirt, I mean Yuban. Plus, I have read that cheap coffee like Yuban, is made from cheaper bigger beans called “Robusta”. And I guess Robusta beans have more caffeine than the quality “Aribica” beans you get at a good coffee shop.

On a related note : I remember very vividly back in high school when we used to go to Serindipity. (Dipity… Love Ya! The original version) And the one particular time when you and Jaime started doing shots of espresso, and afterwards proceeded to run around the parking lot like you were on smack.

Anyways… I am enjoying a fine cup of coffee right now. No Yuban for me… I don’t want to feel like the wack attack.