I met this kid in the 6th grade named Jacob. He had moved here from some random place… I think it was Bishop, but I don’t recall. Anyways, he was a cool kid, liked baseball A LOT, and was pretty fun to hang out with. We became great friends that year.

Jacob’s parents were nice folks, but slightly odd. His father was a meteorologist who was never happy with his job. He had worked at a dozen or so different places by the time I met him. This seemed pretty wack, because it meant that Jacob and his family had picked up and moved their stuff every 2 years or so to all different parts of US, Florida, Arizona, Utah, Ohio, Washington, etc…. Jacob’s mom was a teacher, and a good one. I eventually had her class for English and enjoyed it immensely.

There was one particular weird quirk that I later found out about Jacob’s parents. I think I found out from one of the Amigos Locos, either Jaime or Guillermo. It turned out that Jacob’s parents really dug being nude. Now, to my knowledge they weren’t nudists or anything, but I guess often they just cruised around the house in the buck. One of the stories I heard was about how they would often vacuum in the nude. I remember asking Jacob about it once, and he confirmed that it was true. Thank god I don’t think any of us actually witnessed the nudity, but we knew that it went on.

Anyways, after 7th grade Jacob moved AGAIN. I was pretty bummed out, turns out his dad was angry about something at his job, so he was packing up the family and moving to another job in Pennsylvania.

I thought for sure that Jacob had slipped into the obscurity of another MIA person… and while I did keep some contact with him, I really didn’t talk to him very often.

It wasn’t until 2 years later that I got word from Jacob that he was moving BACK to Redding! Man… his dad really was a flake! Anyways, I was pretty stoked to hear that, and a couple of months later Jacob returned to Redding.

We started our sophomore year at Shasta, and everything seemed to be just like it was a couple years earlier when Jacob lived here before. Jacob was actually almost an official member of the Amigos Locos at the time; he already knew myself and Guillermo, and later met Jaime and Pecos. He even got involved with one of the infamous incidents with Eduardo, and the man with the Wagoneer.

After my Sophomore yearr, I wasn’t all that surprised when Jacob informed me that he was moving… AGAIN! The only good thing about this move, was that it wasn’t across the country, it was only to Eureka.

I managed to keep contact with Jacob again, and actually went to visit him over there a couple of times, and he made the trip over here fairly regularly. After high school, we even had Jacob move in with us so he could go to college here in town. This actually turned to be not the greatest thing in the world. Jacob and I kind of stopped hanging out, he got into baseball pretty hard and heavy, and eventually got into a girlfriend pretty seriously too. It wasn’t that we were mad at each other, or anything like that, we just pretty much stopped hanging out. A year or so later Jacob left to Texas, he got a baseball scholarship at some little school there. I wished him the best, and off he went.

Jacob’s parents were now someplace random like Yuma Arizona. In fact, if I remember correctly, they had both quit there jobs, and were doing something “earthy” there. But, they still kept in touch with us, and sent us info about how Jacob was doing with school and baseball.

Life kept going, and eventually I was back in Redding doing the RT thing, and pursuing my bachelor’s degree. It was now about 3 years since Jacob left, it was around Christmas time, and one night I was milling about Round Table near the end of my shift. One of my co-workers walk up to me…

“There is somebody hear to see you Paco.”

I was blown away.

“Hey Paco!”

“Jacob?! What are you doing here?!”

“Just visiting the family.” (Jacob’s aunt lived in Redding)

“Right on!”

“When do you get off work? Do you want to go out and have a beer?”

“Sure, I get off in an hour, just come on back here.”

So Jacob and I went out and hit the town, we ended up closing down the bars in town. It was really cool, we just drank some beers, and caught up on what was going on in our lives. I told Jacob when he left to not be a stranger, and to fly on out to Redding sometime. (he had gotten his pilots license)

Well… life changed pretty dramatically about a year later for Jacob. Turns out that he got a girl pregnant, and in turn, decided to get married to her. I guess the father wasn’t too pleased, (what a shock) and told them that they had to stay in Texas. A month of so later I got an invite to the wedding, as did Guillermo. Guillermo and I TRIED our best to get to Houston to see the wedding. But we were poor college kids, and we decided there was no way that we could cough up the $400 for a ticket, and driving was out of the question.

Unfortunately, that was the last time I heard from Jacob. Hopefully he is happily married somewhere in Texas. I tried to search for him online before, but his last name is so common that it never worked.