It was the summer of 1994. It was a summer of a lot of traveling for Jaime and myself. We started the summer with a trip to the East Coast. This involved travel to New York City, Philly, and Baltimore. That trip will have to be discussed at a later date under another topic. As it had its share of funny stories too…

Jaime had decided that he was going to stay behind after our trip with his friend in Washington D.C. for the rest of the summer. So, we parted ways, I went home from Baltimore, and he went on to D.C.

A few weeks past, and I was getting ready to go with my parents on a road trip to the Southwest. They were going to Las Vegas, Zion, Bryce, and the Grand Canyon. All places I had never gone, so I told them I would love to follow behind their motor home in a car. They agreed, and we got ready to go.

A few days before the trip I received a phone call from Mr. Nacho…

“Hey Paco!”

“Hey Jaime, how’s DC?”

“It sucks, I can’t get a job, and the people I am staying with aren’t being that cool what are you doing?”

“I’m actually going to go to the Southwest with my parents in a few days.”

“That’s cool… I am actually thinking about coming home.”


“Soon… as soon as I can.”

“Well you should come back now, and go on the road trip with us.”

“Could I? That would be cool!”

“I don’t see why not…”

“Ok, let me see if I can change my ticket. I’ll call you back…”

“Ok, I’ll tell my parents, I am sure they won’t care.”

So, I went and told my folks, they said that would be great.

And a little bit later, Jaime called back, he had indeed changed his ticket, and he was now flying into Vegas the night we were going to be there. Rock On!

So a few days later, we hit the road. It was my Grandmother, Aunt, Folks, and my little bro Marco. We stayed the first night at this goofy trailer park in Bakersfield. The next day we hit the road to the bright lights of Vegas.

I was riding with my little bro, and I had the most unpleasant bathroom experience maybe ever. The road to Vegas from Bakersfield is a completely dead road, you just drive through crap towns like Barstow every 30 miles or so, with absolutely NOTHING in between. I remember at one point when I was driving with Marco, I had to use a facility really badly. So, when I saw the next rest area I pulled over. It was by far, the WORST rest area I ever visited. I don’t know if anyone could get any “rest” done there. For one, it was SUPER hot outside, Redding style hot, over 100 degrees. The bathroom looked like somebody dropped a crap bomb in there, there was crap EVERYWHERE, and flies to boot. I don’t know how I managed to flush the toilet, but I did, and then hovered above the can until I was relieved enough to hold me over until the next town. It was FOUL.

Once we got to Vegas It was pretty cool. (not temp wise…) We stayed at the Circus Circus RV Park. And even though I couldn’t really enjoy the vices that are Vegas since I was 20, I still had fun just looking around the city.

So I did some hanging out with my little brother and my parents, I tried to gamble a little bit, but was kind of leery about it, so I pretty much stuck to just seeing the sights.

Eventually the evening rolled around, and it was time to go pick up Jaime at the airport. So, I cruised out there and looked around for Jaime. Anyone who has been to the Vegas airport knows that it is a pretty massive one. And it is kind of strange. Everything is linked on a monorail tram system. So once you are in the main hub, you look at the monitors, figure out which terminal you need to be in, and then you just jump on the tram that takes you out to where you need to be.

I was running a little late when I got there, so I glanced up at a screen, saw what I thought I needed, and jumped on a tram. Before I knew it, I was standing in a pretty much empty terminal. Crap, no Jaimenacho. So, I got back on the next tram and headed back to the main terminal.

There stood the Nacho, all by himself with a crap load of luggage and a concerned look on his face.

“Hey Jaime!”


“Sorry it took me so long, I got lost…”

“That’s ok, let’s go.”

So, we jetted back to the motor home. Hung out for a bit, and went to bed kind of early. If I remember right, Jaime was pretty tired due to the flight, and the time change.

The next day we didn’t really do much. Jaime and I basically just tooled around Vegas looking at all the sights, occasionally throwing a coin or two into a machine. But it wasn’t all that exciting besides seeing the sights.

So, the next day we hit the road. We headed out to Zion National Park. One of the great memories of this trip was just driving. We had my Grandma’s crappy old Ford Tempo (or similar car…) we spent most of the time listening to the following on the stereo.

Low – If I Could Live In Hope
Beastie Boys – Ill Communication
Tori Amos – Under the Pink
Bark Psychosis – Hex

Those CD’s will be forever associated with that entire trip.

Zion was nice, but kind of uneventful. The fun really started to kick in once we got to Bryce.

Bryce was not only where Yarn James decided he was going to get himself stuck on the rafter above the pool. But it was also where we had a pretty funny moment with Marco.

Jaime and I liked to tease Marco. He was 10, and although he got to hang out with us a lot, and in general was a pretty cool kid, they were times where he would get on our nerves. And Jaime was particularly harsh when it came to teasing him.

There is a video somewhere that shows Jaime, Marco, and I walking to the little “town” near Bryce. On the way was a petting zoo. We just filmed the goats, and laughed at how funny they looked.

Then we went to the tourist trap gift shop, and proceeded to laugh at the crappy crap they had in there. We then decided to head over to the little diner. We were all going to get a snack there, and Marco decided on a strawberry milkshake. I don’t remember why, but Jaime decided to just get on Marco’s case the whole time while he ate the shake. It was kind of funny, but also, Jaime took it a bit too far and was being a bit of a jerk at one point.

Later on when we went to Bryce and watched the sunset, Yarn James proceeded to keep walking in front of the camera, and doing little jigs. This too is on videotape.

From Bryce we went to Page Arizona. The home on the Navajo, and our experience was with UNFRIENDLY Navajo. We went hiking in a canyon one day, some Navajo saw us, laughed, and called us “Milk”. Funny… we weren’t offended; we just laughed right back at them.

After Page, we hit the road to the Grand Canyon. It was very impressive. I remember distinctly, one night there Jaime and I grabbed the boom box we had, loaded it with “Hex”, and headed down to one of the outcroppings that extended out over the canyon. At the end was a nice flat area. We turned up the music, stared at all the stars, and talked for hours. By far one of the best outdoor experiences ever.

We went from the Canyon to Sedona, and then on to Phoenix to drop off my aunt. After Phoenix, we cruised up to Kingman Arizona to meet my folks. I remember Jaime and I stumbled into a very cool thrift store there that had shirts for $.25 and $.50 apiece. We bought a bunch; Jaime even scored a BART shirt that I believe is now MIA.

After Kingman, it was on to Vegas again, and the highlight of the trip. I will save most of the details for Jaime to discuss. But here are the basics. Jaime decided that the last night we spent in Vegas he was going to go out, have a few beers, and gamble. That was cool with me, he had hung out with me the rest of the time we were there, and I certainly didn’t blame him for wanting to experience Vegas at least one night. I remember at dinner my pop offered Jaime a Gin and Tonic, which he accepted. And as the night got late, I finally said I was going to bed, and Jaime said he was going to go out for a bit.

It wasn’t until the next morning that I saw the destruction that was Jaime. The next day we made a LONG drive through Nevada. With Jaime in the back of the car moaning for the first few hours…

“Ooooh I huuuuurt!!!”

Then I would mess with him…

“Mommy, can I pet the sick boy?” I would say, while poking Jaime in the chest or the forehead…

“Leave me alone!!! I huuuuurt!!!”

It was rad. I messed with Jaime for hours. I remember it wasn’t until late in the day that he started to function again.

We wrapped up the trip with a cool visit to Bodie, and then went home the next day. All in all… a great road trip.