In the interest of jump starting our blog, here is the review of the JaimeNacho CD. I am assuming that after weeks of this topic, it is time to get cracking. Sorry if you haven’t listened to Jaime’s cd yet Eduardo, if you haven’t, stop reading now, and pop this cd in and start listening to it.

First off, it is obvious that Jaime put more effort into his cd cover than I did. Granted, I didn’t have the proper equipment at my house to really make a nice cover, but still… mine looks pretty wack, and Jaime’s actually looks pretty good.

But you can’t judge a cd by it’s cover right?

1. Jack / Moose – Is it “Jackish” or “Cool Breezish”? I think this one is “Jackish”.
2. Half Life / Pale Saints – It has been a long time since I heard this song.
3. Dinosaur #2 / Adorable – Good Adorable song, I always liked “Sistine Chapel Ceiling” a bit more though.
4. Lost / Ropers – This was the first really pleasant surprise on the CD. This is from a 7″ that I have, and have always liked it, but I never get to listen to it any more since my turntable is dead.
5. Unfamiliar / Ride – Wouldn’t have been my choice for a Ride song, but still good. (anything from that album is)
6. Then / Charlatans – First song that I came across on this album that I don’t really care for all that much. The Charlatans have always been hit and miss for me, some stuff I really like, and other stuff just seems so so…
7. In My Arms / Chapterhouse – The early shoegaze trend continues… too bad these guys disappeared so quickly.
8. Velvet / Kent – Funny, this is my least favorite song on that Kent cd, and I really like Isola.
9. Drive That Fast / Kitchens of Distinction – The Kitchens song that everyone remembers…
10. One At A Time / Trash Can Sinatras – The first song on the cd that I don’t remember.
11. Left Behind / Bedhead – Second pleasant surprise of the cd, a really good song that I hadn’t heard in a long time.
12. The Cabbage / Teenage Fan Club – The only real Teenage Fan Club song that I liked, and remember… so this was a good one to hear.
13. Song 12 / Artist 12 – This should have been track 12… I have never heard of this band… I kind of liked it though.
14. Titch / Ned’s Atomic Dustbin – Another band where I was happy to hear from them, but I would have picked a different track.
15. Ciggarettes Will Kill You / Ben Lee – This was the highlight of the CD for me. I remember having this song on a tape way back when, and listening to it for a while, liking song, and then the tape, and memory of this song disappeared. This track seemed to capture the essence of the whole CD project for me, pleasant suprises are good! Bravo Mr. Nacho!
16. Bewtiched / Luna – Had to be a Luna track on here.
17. Spainyard / Boo Radley’s – I knew if a Boo song would be on here, Jaime would pick this one… good pick. Early Boo stuff is usually really good.
18. Only in Dreams / Weezer – Very good choice to finish the cd. For some reason I totally forgot about Weezer when I made my cd.

As far as the cd flow? I really like the 2nd half of the cd better than the 1st. Like I mentioned, I really liked hearing the more obscure stuff that I hadn’t heard in ages. While hearing the standard 90’s stuff was cool… I preferred hearing stuff like the Ropers and Ben Lee, to stuff that I can hear all the time like the Charlatans.

A few of the added random tracks were funny… a few didn’t quite fit, and one I don’t even know where the heck it came from. But you gotta love the Jesus!

I am looking forward to CD project II. And Jaime, I have listened to your cd quite a few times since I got it.