I only really got to visit Eduardo at MS once or twice. I remember him driving on “campus” and being very amazed at the pure size of the place. It was beyond impressive. Eduardo’s office was very nice, and very professional. He showed me his room, and the first thing I noticed was he had beer in his office. That was crazy. “It’s just left over from a part we had” was his reply. Eduardo would constantly tell stories of catered lunches, expensive dinners, and field trips for team building. I really envied his job. When I was there each floor had two areas with huge refrigerators full of every type of soda imaginable. Eduardo informed me I could have as many as I wanted. I kept drinking soda, and saying things like “you mean nobody cares? I can have another one?” They had snacks, and coffee (good coffee) as well. They also had video games on one floor, with no quarter required. The whole place was like being in the sitcom silver spoons, without the cool train to take you everywhere. I left thinking, no wonder my job whops off so bad. I have the feeling now, if you treat your employees well, they’re more inclined to work longer hours for you, and work harder. Granted 16 hour freak hobbit days are a bit too much, but the concept is good.