The following journey takes place over the course of many days. It contains 3 States, and 2 Countries. It contains joy, and pain. Parts of this story may not be suitable for small children. One yarn muppet was assaulted in this in the events that make up this journey. There was dancing involved.

Let me begin.

The year was 1992, but It might have been 1993. It was summer, I was off work, and out of school, and setting off on an epic journey. My Bloody Valentine was playing in San Francisco, and I was going. I called my friend Steve in Eureka, and told him the news. He was very excited, and agreed to go on this journey with me. Steve, along with 2/3 of the Eureka/Arcata population didn’t drive. I had to go pick him up.

I left Redding and drove the 3 hours west to Eureka. I stayed the night with Steve, and in the morning Steve and I left for San Francisco to see the show.

We had one problem.

We didn’t have tickets. The show was sold out. We were told there would be a few tickets available at the door that night. We wanted to make sure we got those tickets. We woke early, and left Eureka at about 3:30am, to be there first thing in the morning. 5 ½ hours later we arrived in San Fran. We found Slims, and luckily, there were no people in line yet. We took spots in front of the line at about 8:30am. We met 4 people there that we had met at a Catherine Wheel show. These people were alternative super fans. They were totally pretentious, and thought the music world revolved around their likes and dislikes. It was annoying but we were staying at one of the girls’ houses that night. This was the only reason we even talked to them.

The doors opened at 8:30pm, and the show started at 9pm. We had a loooooong wait ahead of us. We tried to break the wait up by going on small walks and having the others save our place in line. Steve, and I, and our “friends” were the only people in line for the first 8 hours of the wait. Leaving so early was beginning to look like a bad idea.

The waiting had some advantages. We got to hear the bands take sound check, which was fun.

The thing about My Bloody Valentine is, they never played any US shows, and when they did it was few and far between. The show sold out in a matter of minutes. We had tried to order tickets on the phone the minute they were available. We really wanted to go, and the only other way was to get those few precious door tickets. So, as far as we were concerned waiting in line forever was worth it.

The closer 8:00 got, the more people who stood in line to try and get those door tickets. When the doors finally opened there were well over 100 people in line for a precious few tickets. We were first.

The opening band was Babes in Toyland, some all girl grunge crap band. They had already taken the stage, and we were still waiting outside in the freezing bay area night. When the ‘babes’ were done playing, near 10:30pm they released the extra tickets. We finally got our tickets, and went in, after 13 hours of waiting on the sidewalk.

I really didn’t enjoy the show that much. My legs were killing me from standing around all day. I was really tired, because I had been up since about 3am and driven all morning. I hadn’t eaten very much, because I had been in line.

The show seemed like it was very good though, even if I was in a fog throughout.

Midnight came and the show was over. We loaded into my car and went to Palo Alto to stay at our “friends” parents house. We got there about 1:30am. Of course this girl never told her parents 5 of her friends were coming to stay, so they were a little pissed. Her parents were flying to London early in the morning, and wanted us all out when they left for the airport at 5am.

By the time we fell asleep it was almost 3am. I was exhausted.

What seemd like minutes later we were being hustled out of the house, as her parents were leaving for the airport.

It was EARLY. I was still asleep. I don’t even remember driving out of the city.

Somewhere near Santa Rosa I started falling asleep at the wheel. Steve was of no use; he fell asleep within 5 minutes of departing the girl’s house.
“you’ gonna be o.k. to drive?” Which is slang for, “Hey you mind if I sleep?”

I stopped in the parking lot of what looked like a Cattleman’s restaurant for some sleep.

I slept until about 5:30 pm. It was later than I wanted to be starting my drive, but I felt tons better.

Steve had slept the whole time, and was totally perplexed at first that we’d been driving for 8 hours, and only gotten to Santa Rosa. Eventually he woke all the way up, and realized I’d stopped to sleep. We went and got some food, and wandered around Santa Rosa for a bit, just to relax, stretch, and prepare for the long road ahead. It was getting dark, and we still had a good 5 hours of driving ahead.

At about 1am we were nearing Ukiah, and right in the middle of the road was an upside down car. Near the car was a man just staring at us. He wasn’t motioning for help, signaling distress, or anything. It was really creepy, and didn’t seem right, we just drove around the car and kept going.

Around 4am, we got back to Eureka. I stayed the night at Steve’s again. I was leaving in the morning to begin the second phase of my voyage.