I’ve been watching the construction of this place for several months. It both intrigues me, and disgusts me. I’m not sure what to expect there, or why it even replaced the Lyon’s restaurant we’d been using as a meeting place for many, many years.

Part of me expects to find that this place is very much like the Samoa Cookhouse, near Eureka, Ca. Where you get a set menu of food, served “family style” to you and a whole slew of strangers eating at the same table.

I expect lumberjack decor. Which mean a lot of saws, and stuff used to cut down, or climb up trees. I kind of expect it to be overly done, and all over the walls. I expect the seats and tables to be made of really awful pine wood, stained with a high gloss..and there to be oversized knives in the silverware.

I imagine my waiter or waitress to be wearing suspenders with there name emblazend on a little piece of burl, like a wooden nametag.

Food wise If I am actually given a choice of what I want to eat, I would expect it to be meat an potatoes types of things. If I don’t get a choice, I expect the same thing. Whatever the food is, I would think I would get a large portion of it, and have to take some home. I mean if it is indeed “where the big boys eat” I would expect they’d eat more than the “little boys” I think Wonderland Ranch is where the little boys eat. (sorry, bad joke)

The sign makes me wonder if the Popeye’ people are aware they stole Blutis from the cartoon, and put a lumberjack outfit on him, and made him there spokesman. That is a question I may never know the answer to. I intend to get to the bottom of this “lumberjack’s” and find out if indeed big boys are in fact, eating there. I will come back with many pictures, and hopefully a full belly.